Pink Calendar & Day Planner

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why is Pink Calendar called Pink Calendar?
     "Magenta Calendar" sounded funny.  I wanted the program to have a memorable name.
  2. How do I uninstall Pink Calendar?
    The same way as you uninstall any Windows program, through the Control Panel Add/Remove programs.
  3. Pink Calendar Expired - what do I do?
    If you are a licensed user then refer to the email I sent you for instructions, you need to tell the program you are licensed. If you are not licensed, refer to the ordering section here
  4. My license code doesn't work. What do I do?
    The version you have is probably old, or new. If you are a licensed user then refer to the email I sent you to see if you have a license code for your version. Email me if that doesn't work (include the email that you registered with).
  5. Can I install Pink Calendar again?
    Generally it is safe to install a new version on top of an old version (just not while it is running). You can be extra careful by using the Backup feature.
  6. Can Pink Calendar "network" or have multiple users share data?
    No, I tried that for a while but it is too much to support for me.
  7. How can I get Pink Calendar data from one computer to another?
    Click here for how you can use Dropbox to do this.
  8. I installed the new version of Pink Calendar. Why do I not see it?
    Most likely you didn't exit the old version before installing the new version (Windows will not overwrite the EXE file  of a running program, and it doesn't complain either). 
    Or you installed into one folder but are running from another. 
    Or you installed an old download. 
    Or your browser has cached an old download and  isn't downloading a new one. 
    Or you already have the latest version.
  9. Why doesn't Pink Calendar have every feature imaginable?
    My goal is to keep PinkCal simple. Having every feature imaginable (like most software) would be a violation of that goal. Most users (including programmers) curse the complexity of software.
  10. If I send you an email will I get a response?
    I respond to 99% of email the same day I receive it, but:
    - I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, and yes, I do sleep at night
    - I get a ton of junk email; hopefully I didn't mistake your email for Spam
    - I don't read email that does not have a meaningful subject line
    - if I am on vacation (rare) I may not have easy access to my email
    - I do not respond to rude email
    - on rare occasions email does  get lost or take a long time; wait a day or two and try again.

    Licensed users emailing me: please provide your email address that you used when you registered for PinkCal.
  11. Why don't you respond to rude email?
    If you want me to respond to anything less than polite email, first send me about a hundred bucks.
  12. I'm a developer. Can I get the code for Pink Calendar?
    First send me a very large check.
  13. Is Pink Calendar software guaranteed to be bug free?
    Long answer: proving that software is completely bug free has been shown to be mathematically impossible (due to the length of time it would take to accomplish).
    Short answer: no.
  14. What should I do if  Pink Calendar is crashing on me?
    I have seen the weirdest problems fixed by downloading and installing again. It seems that during the download process the file being downloaded may be corrupted. 
  15. Does Pink Calendar have any cool or hidden features?
    Lots. Refer to my tricks page.

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