• Coping files from one computer to another is as easy as drag-and-drop
  • Drag-and-drop now, copy later. CopySpot will wait until both computers are available
  • Zero configuration for home network use (other than your firewall settings)
  • Simple configuration for Internet use
  • Copy files to FTP Server (not a full FTP client)
  • Fast and reliable
  • For Windows XP and Vista
    Vista firewall not supported, please use a real firewall like SunBelt or Filseclab


Pink Calendar & Day Planner
a fast fun and easy calendar and day planner program

Currently version 2.0.2 beta. Support CopySpot by trying Pink Calendar & Day Planner

Future Features

  • Automatically download new files from FTP server
  • Transferring files between two computers using an intermediary FTP sites means both computers do not need to be available at the same time
  • Pause and Resume; Encryption; MD5 integrity checking
  • Maybe support Vista's second-rate firewall